Cleanware for electronic

Cleaning products

We supply customized cleaning products and tools for technicians, specialists and end-users. Benefit from our more than 25 years of experience. For us are quality and cost effective solutions the most important.

Cleaning of electronics

For the special cleaning of technical systems we can use well-tried cleaning procedures for electronic cleaning. rombus provides safe protection of the systems and efficient technical cleaning, both in the case of damage and usually maintenance, so that the technical infrastructure always is working reliably.

Cleaning contacts

Electrical contacts on tools like drilling machine, eccentric grinders, mounting lamps, cable drums, trailer couplings, etc. need a regular maintenance because a variety of effects can impair their functionality. Only a regular cleaning ensures a perfect function, increases the service life and offers an economic advantage too.


We advise you in all issues. We train your technicians and users and we provide services in the field of electronic cleaning for you and your customers. We offer our advice to all companies – and that internationally. We are your contact for consulting and training in cleaning of electronic devices.

We are specialists for cleaning, maintenance and handling of hardware, electronic devices, systems and equipment.