Cleanware for electronic

rombus has been cleaning, maintaining and protecting electronics, devices, electronic systems and equipment for over 30 years. Over this long period of time, we have developed processes and cleanware and are constantly improving them.
We provide you with customized technical cleaning products and tools for end users, ICT technicians and technicians in the industrial environment.
We have solutions for you, based on high quality as well as cost-effective complete solutions for you, taking into account your resources.
Ask us. Benefit from our more than 30 years of experience.


Technical cleaning products for appliances and electronics


Cleaning products for hygienic cleaning of equipment at your own workplace such as: Keyboard, monitors, laptop, mouse, telephone, printer, scanner, etc.

ICT technician

Techn. cleaning products for ICT and electronics technicians as well as tools, training and consulting. We have solutions for your applications.

Industrial maintenance

Techn. cleaning products for your techn. electronic infrastructure.
We develop solutions for you, taking into account your resources and requirements, for your maintenance and development technicians.



Electronic cleaning

For the special cleaning of technical equipment and systems, we can use tried and tested cleaning methods for electronic cleaning. 
rombus offers safe protection of the equipment and efficient technical cleaning, both in case of damage and during normal maintenance, so that the technical infrastructure always functions reliably, such as technical wet cleaning for the repair of old electronic boards.

Training / consulting

We consult you in your maintenance, servicing and the maintenance of technical-electronic infrastructure. We train your technicians and users or provide electronic cleaning services for you.
We monitor the condition of your technical-electronic infrastructure and provide the necessary examinations and reports.

Equipment / tools

Equipment, tools and material for technical cleaning, maintenance and repair of your technical-electronic infrastructure such as antistatic products for safe cleaning of electronics, dust extraction systems for electronics or special vacuum cleaners for cleaning technical-electronic infrastructure.