Cleaning of electronic and contacts

Cleaning of electronic

For the special cleaning of technical systems, we can use tested and audited cleaning procedures for electronic cleaning. rombus provides safe protection of the systems and efficient technical cleaning, both in the case of damage and normal maintenance, so that the technical infrastructure always functions reliably. Particularly extensive and complex systems have a large number of electronic boards, subracks, power supplies and fans. Even the slightest contamination suffices, for example, to paralyze the entire telecommunications technology. Do not hesitate and contact us in time. As a specialist in the field of electronic cleaning, we work in a timely and professional manner.

Cleaning of contacts

Electronical contacts on tools such as drills, eccentric grinders, mounting lamps, cable drums, trailer couplings, etc. need regular maintenance because a variety of effects can affect their functionality. Only a selective and regular cleaning ensures a perfect function, increases the service life and guarantees an economic advantage.


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